Should you enter Photography Contests?

You must be wondering whether entering a photography award as a beginner is worthwhile after all the negative stories circulating. You may have heard about hidden costs, prizes bestowed then withdrawn, and outright rejection from the start but not everything about photography award competition is negative.

Like everything else, there are usually two sides of the story-the good and the bad. For example, significant events attract a lot of people and stakeholders. This means a larger probability of being shortlisted even as a beginner. The competition is relatively low since many slots are available. However, lots of contestant translates to lots of income for the organizers and stiff competition for the contestants.

Photography awards may seem to profiteer off beginners' hopes, but there are a few advantages.

Advantages of Entering Photography Awards as a Beginner Photographer Evaluation

You get to work with real judges. Photography Awards competition always attracts the best from the photography world. Entering these awards as a beginner will get your work to be scrutinized by honest judges with years of experience in the field. However, I hope that the said judges will go through every presentation. Mostly, organizers make an arbitrary selection and listing for the final veteran judges to see.


The second thing to consider is that you are a beginner, and some exposure might kickstart and catapult your photography career to greater heights. You will get a chance to meet the top cream, some of the best candidates the photography world has to offer, and learn from them. And the media is there to cover the whole event. Your work may just get featured!

Now to the best part.

You may win!

You may triumph over other contestants. Yes, you! Who said that beginner photographers could not showcase quality work? If you have done your homework properly-thorough research and satisfactory work, there's always a high possibility that you might win.

The decision lies in your hands. Weigh the pros and the cons and make the best decision for your photography career.